Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Travel Expenses application version 1.9 has been published on the Android Market.

This is a bug fix release.
If the user entered an invalid number in the amount dialog, by pressing the "Amount" button on the expense details screen, or if the user didn't enter a number and clicked "OK", the text on the amount button would not be a valid number. This made the app crash when saving the information to the database, because it was unable to determine the amount (parse error).


  1. I really like this app, finally I can do something usefully when I am trawling with planes!

    But one thing would made this a killer app, if you could use the app "CammScanner" for taking pictures of you bills/invoices. It would be much better then the standard camera function you have got today.

    1. Thank your for your input.

      I will most certainly look into the possibility of launching a third party app for capturing the images of bills and invoices. I will probably set this up as a configuration option, where the user may choose which app to use for captures.